Foreclosure Scams in Florida

Protect Yourself Against Foreclosure Scams in Florida

Unfortunately, as the number of foreclosures rises in Florida, the number of foreclosure scams and victims rises, too.

If you are behind on your mortgage and possibly facing foreclosure in Florida, you may already be receiving numerous solicitations (by phone, mail, email) from people and companies who claim they want to help. We understand how overwhelming this can be. Not only are you in a vulnerable position with your home, you are also bombarded by quite a bit of misinformation.

Here are our checklists to consider before making decisions during this difficult time.

Florida Foreclosure Attorney: Top 3 Tips

  1. Know that only an attorney can represent you in a foreclosure lawsuit filed in Florida court.
  2. Make sure you hire a licensed attorney who has extensive foreclosure defense experience as well as solid litigation experience in Florida.
  3. Make sure you hire a foreclosure defense attorney with a track record of success in Florida.

Foreclosure Alternatives: Top 3 Tips

  1. Make sure you review any foreclosure alternatives with a credible, experienced, and highly qualified Florida Foreclosure Attorney.
  2. Make sure you are clear on the risks involved in any foreclosure alternative you consider.
  3. Make sure you understand that several foreclosure alternatives “hold off” foreclosure for a period of time, and if you do not have your finances back in order by the end of that period, you may find yourself facing foreclosure for a second time.

Florida Foreclosure Scams: Top 3 Tips

  1. Avoid attorneys, professionals or businesses who offer “guarantees.” An outcome in the complex Florida foreclosure process cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Avoid any attorneys, professionals or businesses who are out-of-state.
  3. Avoid any scheme that requires a monthly fee or money-back guarantee.

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