Strategic Default vs Foreclosure

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Strategic Default to Stop Foreclosure in Florida

When facing foreclosure in Florida, too many homeowners do not get the legal representation they need. You deserve to have your homeowner rights protected and to be treated with dignity during this very difficult time.

In these tough economic times, Florida has been especially hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, and many excellent homeowners have found themselves in unfortunate financial circumstances, unable to make their mortgage payments on a home that is no longer worth what they are paying on it.

The good news is that you have options, and at the Gregg Horowitz Law Office, we will go over the best alternatives to foreclosure for your particular situation. One of these alternatives may be Strategic Default in Florida.

What is a Strategic Default?

Strategic default is when you decide to walk away from an underwater property because its value is substantially less than what you owe on the mortgage debt.

At the Gregg Horowitz Law Office, we understand what a difficult and emotional decision this is for homeowners who have invested time, energy and finances in their home. At the same time, strategic default may be your path to freedom from a burdensome mortgage.

Florida Foreclosure Attorney

Before choosing strategic default, make sure you understand all the potential risks and benefits.

All of us at the Gregg Horowitz Law Office are here to help you decrease your risks and increase your benefits when walking away from an underwater mortgage. Make sure you have a solid, qualified and experienced Florida Foreclosure Attorney fighting for your rights when you considering Strategic Default and facing foreclosure in Florida.

At the Gregg Horowitz Law Office, we are committed to protecting your legal rights and finding the best legal solution for your specific situation. With over 20 years experience, we have helped Florida clients to find freedom and relief from an underwater mortgage and successfully move on with their lives. Contact us today for a FREE legal consultation in Sarasota County, Florida.